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Getin Involved

At AYPAD we have exciting may to get involved. read the information below to see how you can get involved

Volunteering Opportunities:


AYPAD Environmental Program

Volunteering with AYPAD  Environmental Program gives you and opportunity to work with like mined people ,while also  creating a conducive and  healthier environment for all. You can  get the opportunity to  be involved in  the  following activities:

Strong Communities:  AYPAD hopes to lead 1000 volunteers annually and partners with 30 organizations Nation wide.

Healthy Habitats: AYPAD'S environmental restoration work includes stream restoration, native tree plantings, invasive plant removal, wetland and shoreline restoration and trail construction.
Young Leaders: In addition, AYPAD will   deliver programs for young people to learn about the environment, engage in community service and develop leadership skills through hands-on service.


AYPAD Sports  Development Program

There are many exciting ways you can  volunteer with AYPAD  Sport Development Program the program consist of the following sporting activities  Soccer, Handball, Basket Ball, Tennis

1) You can volunteer as a coach to train  young boys and grils involved in the project

2) You can volunteer online, draft proposal and raise funds to support the projects

3) You can learn these young boys and girls English

4)  You can create link with other like mined clubs and organization to create partnership opportunities for AYPAD


AYPAD Agricultural Project.


Volunteering with AYPAD Agriculture project gives  you the opportunity to work with rural community farmers in Sierra  Leone, have the opportunity  to work at AYPAD farm in Sierra Leone learn from local people, teach local people  English and  also explore the beautiful country side  and beaches of Sierra Leone



AYPAD  Street Children Program.


Volunteering with AYPAD Street Children Program give you the opportunity to work with  children that are living in difficult circumstance in Sierra Leone as most of these children live on the street and are engaged in doing odd jobs like totting, sweeping street  and  sleeping on market tables as there is no mean of housing, education  or feeding opportunities. As a result of this AYPAD organization is working restlessly to improve the living condition of these children and there volunteers will be excited with work they will be involved in


 AYPAD Cultural Program.

Volunteering with AYPAD cultural program is an exciting way6 to learn about culture of Sierra Leone. As a cultural volunteer you will have the opportunity to train with cultural dances with AYPAD Cultural Dance troupe, visit historic site and also engaging with young grils and boy that have gone through difficult circumstance but through the AYPAD Cultural Program their lives have been positively transformed



Other ways you can be involved

  You can donate to AYPAD Projects and Activities through western Union or Bank Transfer

  You can Start up an AYPAD   Club in your community

  Take action and start  propagting AYPAD  Vision






Philip Salis Bangura at or  or +232...

to get more information on how you can get involved



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