Africa Youth for Peace and Development (AYPAD)

Environmental Project 


Promoting a clean & Healthier Environment for all

AYPAD’ Environmental Project mission is to build global community through local environmental service. AYPAD restores parks and open spaces while providing leadership and community service experiences for young people in Sierra Leone and beyond.

Environmental service is a uniquely effective way to build community. When people put their hands into the dirt together and see their efforts transform a threatened area into a more vibrant landscape, they forge a special bond. Schoolteachers have noted that young children, who may not have known the difference between a grate and a pear, quickly learn to appreciate the natural gardens they create. Each year, AYPAD hope to bring 1,000 community volunteers and hundreds of school-age children into direct contact with their environment and each other.

Strong Communities:  AYPAD hopes to lead 1000 volunteers annually and partners with 30 organizations Nation wide.

Healthy Habitats: AYPAD'S environmental restoration work includes stream restoration, native tree plantings, invasive plant removal, wetland and shoreline restoration and trail construction.

Young Leaders: In addition, AYPAD will   deliver programs for young people to learn about the environment, engage in community service and develop leadership skills through hands-on service.

Interested in taking part or supporting the project please contact the following

AYPAD Cultural Program

The main aim of the AYPAD Cultural group is to see how best the organization to engage youth and children in cultural activities.


It is the belief of the organization that as youth in Africa they should be culturally oriented and with the help of Way Out Organization based in England the organization received to support to run the cultural programs. Most to the dancer are young girls and drummer men are training every day to make the group a success. One the once the dancer and drummer have been well trained they will be engaged in performing at cultural festival, organization sensitization in various areas and also to     raise funds perform at hotels , night clubs, restaurant in other to capacitate and sustain the project. Also in future the organization hopes to be traveling to attend international cultural festival in other parts of the world to propagate the mission of AYPAD as an organization.

Presently the organization  offer cultural  dance or drumming training for interested individuals group also if any organization need cultural group to perform they can contact us.

This is  part of sustaining the Culture Group and engage    the youth in developmental activities.


Football Club

Objective: In order to promote peace through sport, AYPAD’s football club works to support youths in developing their own unique talents while also providing a context outside formal institutions where youth can come together to better understand each other.  AYPAD also seeks to generate funds through the football club so that each member of the team can attend school and have their housing and food needs met. Currently, less than half are able to attend school and many are in need of regular shelter.


Program Description:  AYPAD provides uniforms, playing and practise time, and coaching for youth.  Based at the National Stadium in Freetown, the team comes together to practise five times a week throughout the year.  Before games, the team gathers to warm-up and to eat a meal provided by AYPAD.  The team is able to charge admission of Le1000 for games that are played on the practise field of the National Stadium.  This small profit is given to the players to contribute towards their living costs as well as a small portion comes back to the organization to sustain costs of the football club.


History and Partnerships: After the decade-long war in Sierra Leone, many youths were left without housing, education, and employment, leaving them with little opportunity but to live on the streets and engage in criminal activities.  As a result of consulting youths in Freetown, AYPAD developed a soccer program to engage these youth, many who live on the streets.  The club formed two years ago and then reformed in January 2010 due to lack of funds.  Since the club’s start, AYPAD has trained over 40 youths, some of whom now play in the Sierra Leone premier league.  Our current partnership with Norton Blue SL Limited has made it possible for AYPAD to purchase footballs, jerseys, hire a part-time coach, and pay for the playing field.  AYPAD continues to seek new partners who are interested in supporting the boys who play on our football team so that they are able to continue to play as well as work towards providing them with food, shelter, education, and an opportunity to build a peaceful society within Sierra Leone.


Tree Planting Program

Objective: To build local knowledge about the environment, to provide leadership and community service experiences to young people in the environmental sector, and to combat soil erosion and ecological degradation.


Program Description: AYPAD works on two main levels within their tree planting program.  First, AYPAD engages with the community as a whole through sensitization meetings with local youths.  These workshops discuss the importance of caring for locally planted trees in order to decrease soil erosion and to provide protection from strong winds and rain.  Secondly, AYPAD volunteers plant fruit and other lucrative trees in the Hill Top, Hill Side, and Hill Court regions of Freetown.  This volunteer planting takes place during the rainy season and generally occurs three times a week.  During the tree planting, AYPAD volunteers link with local community youth and leaders to ask where trees can be planted and to ensure that these trees will be cared for.   

History and Partnerships: As a result of the 10 year war in Sierra Leone, many internally displaced people (IDP’s) sought refuge in and around the hill area of Freetown.  Because living conditions and means of livelihood were extremely limited during this period, people sought fuel, building materials, and ways of earning small cash to support their families.  As a result, the hills were logged extensively.  With the natural environment vastly depleted, soil erosion and lack of shelter and shade have become key concerns.  After conversing with the local population and witnessing continuing deforestation in the Hill areas AYPAD discovered that local communities continued to cut down trees out of economic necessity. In response to the continuing deforestation as well as food insecurity within these communities, AYPAD began planting fruit trees and other lucrative trees such as palm kernals which the community viewed as important forms of sustenance as well as potential revenue.  Currently, AYPAD works on a purely voluntary basis with members who are unemployed using their time during the day to trek up into the hill communities, discuss the importance of the project with the community, and plant trees in areas designated safe and appropriate by the community.


Yoga Program

Objective: AYPAD’s yoga program aims to promote peace and development through the practice and teaching of yoga.


Program Description: AYPAD’s yoga program is based on two main activities.  The first revolves around the necessity of engaging youth in peaceful and peace-promoting activities which build skills in youth as well as which promote physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. This part of the project has been active since the summer of 2010 when class for youth began at the National Stadium.  Currently, .... youth attend AYPAD’s yoga class free of charge. Practices are scheduled three times week and are taught by Tamba Fayia.  The second part of the program aims to extend yoga practise to both paying and non-paying members of the public.  The fees charged for the program are invested back into the yoga program and AYPAD in order to create a project which is self-sustaining.  In offering classes to interested members of the public, we aim to train each youth member of our yoga class so that they can also teach yoga classes to interested individuals.  By doing so, we create a small means of employment for the youth involved while also engaging youth as citizens who have the ability to make meaningful and skilled contributions within society. 


History and Partnerships: AYPAD’s yoga program began when Veronica Geretz, a registered yoga instructor for the United States of America, and Tamba Fayia began discussing different ways to engage youth through AYPAD.  Yoga classes began in the summer of 2010 after yoga mats were donated by ....


Contact: Please contact us if you are interested in being involved.  AYPAD is always welcoming questions, suggestions and alternative perspectives.  Call or email us at 232-33-588641 or


AYPAD Waste Managment Project


AYPAD Waste Management Program



AYPAD’s Waste Management is on a mission to maximize resource value, while minimizing - and even eliminating - environmental impact so that both our economy and our environment can thrive.

To provide our customers with exceptional waste collection, recycling and disposal services that protect, preserve and improve our environment and the quality of life in the communities we serve. AYPAD waste Management is, and will continue to be, the "Distinguishable Difference" in the solid waste and recycling collection and disposal industry.

The vision of AYPAD is:

  • To be the leader in solid-waste management by exploring and utilizing new collection methods and technologies for greater cost effectiveness and operating efficiencies without sacrificing service to our customers.
  • To accomplish our mission statement through commitment and teamwork.
  • To appreciate, understand and respect the needs of our customers.
  • To foster and respect our employees opinions, beliefs, values, and life goals.
  • To advocate open, honest and productive communications throughout the Company and community

 Board of Directors

 AYPAD Waste Management's board of directors is a body of elected or appointed members who jointly oversee the activities of a company or organization.

EthicsWe believe it is imperative to exhibit the highest ethical standards — as a company and as individuals. Our aim is to be defined by a culture that reflects our core values. Our values provide the foundation for our company’s practices and standards.


Diversity AYPAD Waste Management is strongly committed to promoting diversity and inclusion. Our focus is to support minority and women’s organizations that strive to improve opportunities for professional development and advancement.


Corporate GovernanceThe Company’s primary objective is to maximize stockholder value, while adhering to the laws of the jurisdictions within which it operates. Review our Guidelines, Policies and Charters.

AYPAD - Art and Craft Program

AYPAD Art and craft project is geared towards  organizing small scale artisans, promoting  and creating employment for young people in the art and craft field.. The project is currently running in Sierra Leone and Ghana. we make hand made products from our local materials for sale to local market and international market. our products are made products are made with a lot of care, environmentally friendly and durable.

 The projects employ young artisan to create a wide range of Hand made African Products which we later sell to interested buyers  in the country or abroad. we can ship the products to any country around the world at a timely  manner. through this good we are able to provide employment for young people, create network with like minded people , company and organizations. some of the funds raised for the project  is provided to our  street children project.

We project seek partnership with like minded people and companies in the art and craft field.

 We have products  ti name but just a few  African Drums, hand made baskets, Carvings, African Slippers and Shoes, Hand Band with you name or company name printed etc. 


If you may need any products from kindly get back to us through the email or +233273239858 or 

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